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Your breathe happy face mask 

Your breathe happy face mask can be worn shopping, out and about, at work or play and can be worn everyday without losing efficiency. Just make sure you change the filter every seven days and keep it hygienically clean.

Your breathe happy face mask is made from silicone and is amazingly comfortable because it forms a gentle but effective seal over your nose and mouth. Our breathe happy face mask filter DOES NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIN, unlike most other face masks.

Choosing your breathe happy

Choosing your breathe happy

All breathe happy face masks feature an amazing silicone seal which makes the mask extremely comfortable to wear and easy to clean, but also provides a significantly increased Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) than the alternative paper or fabric mask.

The really clever part, however, is our filters! breathe happy masks have a simple to use replaceable filters. Each filter has four layers of filtration and meets EN14683:2019 standards for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Breathability and Splash Resistance an only need to be replaced every 7 days.

breathe happy offer 2 masks options, the Everyday or the Commuter:

The EVERYDAY is ≥95% Bacterial Filtration Efficient (BFE) reusable face mask; perfect for general everyday use and ideal for wearing when out e.g. shopping / walking around public spaces and low-density interaction.

The COMMUTER is ≥98% Bacterial Filtration Efficient (BFE) reusable face mask ideal for anyone who needs greater protection due and higher density interaction, for example, using public transport.


SEVEN Paper Masks = ONE Filter


That’s good isn’t it?

Yes, and there are big cost savings too. One filter replaces seven paper masks if you are using one a day!

We are good for the environment too by not using lots of paper and elastic materials to make our wonderful tiny but clever filters.

breathe happy – breathe safe – breathe easy 


Filter Subscriptions

Say goodbye to looking for a disposable mask and make sure you are always ready with a breathe happy mask and filter subscription.

breathe happy filter subscriptions are an easy and convenient way to makes sure your breathe happy has a ready supply of weekly filters. Sign up today and have your filters delivered to your door. Four months’ supply in an easy to store box popped through your letterbox. It couldn’t be easier than a breathe happy subscription.